This is a legally binding agreement between the “Customer” and NC Dumpster. NC Dumpster will provide the “customer” with non-hazardous roll-off waste collection, transportation, disposal, and recycling services. Use of service constitutes the agreement of the terms and conditions listed below.

Terms & Conditions

Term – Residential dumpster pricing includes a 14-day rental, delivery, pick-up, and tonnage listed for each dumpster size. Customers MUST contact NC Dumpster when they are finished with the dumpster. NC Dumpster will NOT automatically pick up the dumpster after 14 days. After 14 days from delivery, if the dumpster is not emptied or removed, there will be a $5 per day rental fee. If the dumpster is emptied and brought back, that will be considered a new rental period.

Delivery and Service Time – We will always try to accommodate a requested service time of morning or afternoon. However, NC Dumpster cannot guarantee it due to existing orders, job location, and other circumstances out of our control, like the weather.

Service – Customer must contact NC Dumpster at (919) 337-3470 to schedule all services required for the dumpster. If service is requested before noon, NC Dumpster will try to service the dumpster within one business day but makes no guarantees. If conditions arise out of our control, such as weather, traffic conditions, equipment issues, or landfill delays, then service will be completed as soon as possible. Service requests on Friday afternoon will be scheduled for the following Monday unless other arrangements have been made.

Delivery – Delivery and placement of the dumpster are at the discretion of the driver. The driver will make the best effort to place the dumpster where desired. If a customer requests that the dumpster is placed on the street, the customer assumes responsibility for any permit fees, town fines, lawyer, or towing fees. If the driver cannotdeliver due to safety or lack of accessibility, the customer will be charged a $125 trip charge.

Care of Equipment – Customer shall have care, custody, and control of the dumpster and take responsibility and liability for all loss or damage to the dumpster and its contents while at the customer's location. The customer will not move or alter the dumpster or use it for anything other than its intended purpose.

Over Loaded Dumpsters – The dumpster is to be filled level to the top. Over-loaded dumpsters may allow debris to fall out during transport and cause damage to other vehicles, people, or personal property. NC Dumpster reserves the right to refuse to pick up for all overloaded and charge a service fee up to $250. It will be the customer’s responsibility to remove any excess debris and make sure the dumpster is secure for pick up.

Overweight Dumpsters – NC Dumpster reserves the right to refuse to pick up for any dumpster with an estimated weight of 24,000 pounds (12 tons). Weight limits govern trucks and roadways, and If overweight, they are subject to fines by NCDOT. All penalties will be the responsibility of the customer. If you discard brick, concrete, soil, metal, roofing materials, or any other heavy items, please disclose them to NC Dumpster to make proper arrangements. NC Dumpster reserves the right to charge a service fee of up to $250 for an overweight dumpster. It will be the customer’s responsibility to unload any excess weight and make sure the dumpster is safe for pick up.

Concrete/Brick Dumpsters – Weight limit applies to all clean concrete and brick dumpsters. A 30-yard dumpster is not to be used for concrete, brick, or dirt. The Concrete & brick dumpster must be kept clean and contain no other type of construction or trash debris. NC Dumpster reserves the right to charge a service fee of up to $250 for a toxic load.

Blocked Dumpster – If NC Dumpster attempts to deliver or service a dumpster and a vehicle, materials, gate block the dumpster or any other objects and service can’t be rendered, NC Dumpster will charge the “Customer” a $150 trip charge.

Property Damage –NC Dumpster will use the utmost care and consideration.They will not be responsible for any damage to “Customers” property, including walkways, curbing, pavement, driveways, pavers, irrigation, wells, septic or underground utilities resulting from the company’s provision of service. “Customer” warrants that the right of way is sufficient to bear the weight and physical dimensions of NC Dumpsters' equipment and vehicles. No repairs are offered or provided.

Lawn Damage – If “Customer” requests that the dumpster be placed on the lawn or alternative location, the “Customer” understands that lawn or property damage may occur. If NC Dumpsters vehicle gets stuck, it’s the customer's responsibility for all towing fees to remove the vehicle.

Prohibited Waste – “Customer” agrees not to put any hazardous or toxic waste in the dumpster as it is against the law. All hazardous and toxic waste found in the dumpster will become the responsibility of the “Customer.” Prohibited items include industrial waste, waste containing asbestos, biomedical waste, oil, oil filters, oil containers, pesticides, paint cans with paint, batteries, appliances with Freon, batteries, propane tanks, solvents, TV’s, computer monitors, computer parts, ballasts with PCB’s, devices containing mercury, fluorescent bulbs, telephone poles, railroad ties, and septic tanks. NC Dumpster reserves the right to refuse to pick up any dumpster having prohibited items and may charge a service fee up to $250. It will be the customer’s responsibility to remove any prohibited items if arrangements can’t be made. Tree debris/Yard waste must be in a dumpster to itself as well as Concert and Dirt

Additional Item Charges – The following items may be placed in the rear of the dumpster but will be charged an additional fee since they have to be reloaded and discarded at a different site. Tires ($25 each), Large Appliances ($35 each), Mattresses ($35 each)

Credit Card Authorization – All customers must have a credit card on file before delivery due to the level of uncertainty and because fees and or charges can apply after the initial dumpster order. “Customer” agrees and gives authorization to NC Dumpster, LLC to retain your credit card information for up to 120 days, beyond the last day of your dumpster rental, to charge you for any fees that may appear covered in the terms & conditions.

Acceptance – Customer agrees to the terms and conditions listed above. The customer will receive a copy of the terms and conditions via email, or a copy will be delivered with the dumpster. If the customer is not available to sign the terms and conditions on delivery, acceptance will be agreed upon by using the dumpster.